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May 25, 2006


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Ginger Bush

What are you commenting about, tounge in cheek, Ed?

Ed Cone

Nothing in particular, just an old joke, "Jesus is coming and he looks pissed."

Ginger Bush

Jesus wasn't a woman.

And, I believe, according to scriptures, of which I'm not by any means a scholar, it was into the church he came. He also had a few words for the judgmental of Mary Magdalene.

Any other times he was angry that come to mind?

Ginger Bush

Yeah, I've got one for you.

In the synagogue, with the Pharisees.


The Moneychangers at the Temple, also.

Ginger Bush

So, what does your "old joke" apply to?

Bruce Burch

Yup you opened the proverbial Pandora's Box, Ed.

Great Pic!

Ed Cone

"Jesus is coming" is a common phrase, meaning, the Second Coming is going to occur.

Adding "...and he looks pissed" is an ironic kicker to that common phrase.

Sort of like, Jesus Saves, but Esposito scores on the rebound.

It has nothing to do with any biblical scene of Jesus being angry.

A variation is, God is coming, and he's pissed. Or, she's pissed. Same idea.

Nice picture, huh?

David Boyd

My favorite seen scrawled above a urinal a few years ago,

Jesus saves.

Below it in different handwriting,

Moses invests.


LOL! I see that sign every day...the first time I saw it it scared the crap out of me. I was driving down the road and some idiot who didn't know how to drive cut me off and there was a very large truck next to me. I thought there was going to be an accident. Saw that sign just about the same time all that was going on and all I could think was NOOOOO! NOT YET! :-o


My favorite "Jesus Saves" sign was tacked to a Wachovia billboard.

God? I hear she's black.

Ginger Bush

Ed, you reference the second comming, which is biblical. Then you turn around and say it's not, So, if it's not meant in the biblical sense, then what? If you aren't refering to God, then what are you refering to?

"Sort of like, Jesus Saves, but Esposito scores on the rebound"

What does she/he score? Is this a sports figure or a reference to the actress?

And leave it to David to drag a conversation about Jesus into the gutter. And Ed to make it secular.

I didn't find or notice anything special about the picture.

And if you can't make it plain, or clear, say it in a way someone can understand, why bother posting it to begin with?

Ed Cone

Ginger, you seem to be the only person having any trouble understanding it.

As anyone can see, what I wrote was it "has nothing to do with any biblical scene of Jesus being angry."

Not nothing to do with the bible, just not a reference to Jesus being angry, as with the moneychangers etc.


Is it me, or are we a little sensitive this evening?

Britt Whitmire

I also like the Canadian post script to the saying "Jesus Saves"

...Gretzky rebounds, GRETZKY SCORES!

(now, please rake me over the coals over any biblical references regarding the Christ playing ice hockey)

Ed Cone

Same joke, different player, as the Esposito line earlier in the thread.

Britt Whitmire

...but, another (secular) religious saying is coming to mind reading these posts and it regards someone being able to anger even the Pontiff.

Britt Whitmire

...and Gretzky is a better player than Phil (or Tony) Esposito...unless, we're talking about the actress Jennifer Esposito (who I loved in "Spin City" and the movie "Crash"), but I'm not aware of her "rebounding" or "scoring" in pop culture.

At this point, Ed, no one would blame you for deleting the entire blog entry and the ensuing posts. I think we hit the shitter about five comments in (and due to my lack of talent in my medium, I have become quite the EXPERT on the EXACT time things go wrong).

I do like the pic, though...


That is a good photo. Nice contrast between the yellow flowers and the black sign.

I don't care for the comments. How should those of us who believe in God and have faith that his son Jesus Christ allowed us to know God's love and mercy respond to those who mock what we value?

I have kinda' given up on that debate. Don't know why I am writing this now. Just a glutton for punishment I guess.

Windmills, anyone?

Ed Cone

I don't think anyone is mocking Christ, God, religion, or believers in this thread, JS.


"...unless, we're talking about the actress Jennifer Esposito (who I loved in "Spin City" and the movie "Crash"), but I'm not aware of her "rebounding" or "scoring" in pop culture."

How well can she take a body check?


Mocking? Maybe -- mocking the notion of God is as a white man. That's hardly mocking God or religion.

Ginger Bush

Roch, you are the only one who's seen this thread as mocking the notion of God as a white man. Quit race baiting.

Bubba, you also took this to the gutter. Why would you even make a comment like that?



I made the comment: "God? I hear she's black."

That's what I was referencing, not the entire thread.


"Bubba, you also took this to the gutter. Why would you even make a comment like that?"

"Body check" refers to an ice hockey term, in context with previous remarks about ice hockey and hockey players.

What did YOU think the reference was?


For your edification, Ginger....

body check:
when a hockey player bumps or slams into an opponent with either his hip or shoulder (the only legal moves) to block his progress or throw him off-balance; it is only allowed against an opponent in control of the puck or against the last player to control it.


Do you need a more detailed explanation?

Jim Caserta

Who thinks the 2nd coming will be before they die? Do we meet God when we die?

Like the scouts say "Be prepared."

Ginger Bush

No, bubba, I just didn't see why you should slam her.


"I think the Easterbrooks and Bush admins of the world make things that much harder..."

It was a JOKE, Ginger.

Deal with it.


Hmm....didn't clear the clipboard, I guess.

"No, bubba, I just didn't see why you should slam her."

It was a JOKE, Ginger. Deal with it.....again.

Connie Mack Jr

I want proof that Jesus saves right now! * paraphasing Ed and Britt along with no doubting Thomas Bubba

Okay! Watch Tuesday and see if Jesus saves Nathan Tabor in the Republican primary election?

Can I expect a wholesale rush by you people to his Jesus victory party Tuesday night?

Ginger Bush

Connie Mack, in my opinion, your comments are way out of line. Why is it that so many people take public, cheap shots at Christianity?

Jim Caserta
"If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, the world would love its own; but because you do not belong to the world, and I have chosen you out of the world, the world hates you. Remember the word I spoke to you, 'No slave is greater than his master.' If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they kept my word, they will also keep yours. Jn15:18-20

GB - the first part should comfort you. The second sentence we all should read, "do we belong to the world (this world)?"

Ed Cone

I can't speak for Connie (insert Connie not being able to speak for Connie joke here), but joking about people who moralize and sermonize and claim to represent God is not at all the same thing as joking about God.

That said, God seems to have a pretty good sense of humor. Just look around...

Ginger Bush


"Good advice on preparing, I hear she's pissed"

"Joking about people who moralize and sermonize and claim to represent God is not at all the same thing as joking about God."

Great work, Ed.

And now, may I introduce the one who speaks for God, Mr Ed Cone. And who defines God's sense of humor, the consumate right hand man at the seat of God, Ed Cone, ascended.

Where can I find your hallowed examples of God's sense of humor Ed? The irony contained in your posts, referenced in this comment? Do you think God appreciates this banter?? Finds those who use him/degrade him in this way funny?

Connie Mack can speak for himself.

Ed Cone

Ginger, I was not presuming to speak for your god or anyone else's. I was making a joke, an old joke at that.

Evidence of a cosmic sense of humor might include the platypus, male nipples, and self-righteous people who don't recognize their moralizing about trivialities as laughable.

Again, I don't think anyone here is "degrading" God. Do I think God appreciates this banter? Yes, that's why she subscribes to this blog via RSS.

Ginger Bush

I stand chastised by the ascended.

Ed Cone

I make no claims to ascension, Ginger. I'm happily rolling in the earthly muck, laughing. You are ascribing to me a view of divinity and the universe that is far from my own.

Ginger Bush

I stand chastised by the ascended.

Ed Cone

Well, if you're going to be like that about it, shouldn't you be kneeling?

Ginger Bush

How about prone on the floor Ed,
with your foot on my head so I can't disagree with you?

Ed Cone

It's your fantasy, Ginger.

Better check with God first, though, to make sure it's OK with her.


I'm just now catching this thread of comment, and all I can say is wow. This hands down is the best comments I've ever read in my life. By the way Ed, congrats on the ascension... I didn't know you where applying for the promotion.

Ed Cone

Thanks, Beth. My role as God's earthly spokesperson and gag-writer may exist only in Ginger's fevered imagination, but it is a great honor nonetheless.



You should get out more.

Ed, go write another column that doesn't get published, full of your hallowed opinions.

Ed Cone

Ginger, my column was published, they just haven't put it online yet.

Thanks for elevating my opinions to hallowed status -- I'm aiming for exalted.

Ginger Bush

I'm sure you are, Ed, as well as "always right in my opinions".

Ed Cone

I'm always right in your opinions? Thanks, Ginger, you just keep on saying the sweetest things.

Ginger Bush

And you keep twisting my words.

Ed Cone

I prefer to think of it as giving you the benefit of the doubt.

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