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May 12, 2006


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Mad Dog

This guy is one sick puppy.


Here's hoping this guy soon occupies a 6'x12' cell with an amorous, but ill-smelling 300-lb. creature answering the name of 'Tiny,' -- and is kept there until he's forgotten how to smile.


In service to Allah. Hmmm...looks like another Mohammed didn't get the "religion of peace" memo.

Like the British officer who came upon the suttee, declaring that while Indians may have a custom of incinerating the widow of the deceased though she had survived him, it was a British custom to hang chaps who did that sort of thing; we should let Mr. Taheri-Azar that it is our custom to incarcerate and/or execute people who worship this imaginary deity in the manner he has chosen.


Of course, the question is, what about the Muslims saved by the US from Serbian ethnic cleansing in Bosnia? Or the Iraqis saved from Saddam's torturers and rapists? What about the Muslims saved from the lethal excesses of the Taliban?

Darn, I forgot, only Muslim terrorists count as 'real' Muslims by people like this sick puppy and, I have to admit, we've certainly sent a few of them to their just rewards.


Another delusional "believer" as oppossed to a Muslim. How does one get so removed from reality?

An individual caught up in the same group think dominating a segment of the Muslim religion where everything is someone else's fault and there is no personal repsonsibility since allah has provided to me what I must do through a garbled understanding of the Koran.

How did he get there? There is no escape from this madness - the question is how to keep it from growing.


Very confusing. We are told that "jihad" is the inner struggle to purify the believers soul and that Islam is a religion of peace. How do you go from an inner struggle to running over strangers with a rented SUV?

Joe McNulty

When will people realize that a Muslim is a terrorist to the extent he is a devout Muslim. Read the Koran and the Hadith. The notions of "turning the other cheek" or "walking to a different drummer" or "different stokes for different folks" or "going along to get along" or "believing whatever you want" appear nowhere in the Koran or the Hadith. There are only three choices: (1) the Muslim way (2) paying the jizya tax (for "people of the Book"-- dhimmitude for Christians and Jews) or (3) death (killing the unbelievers). Since this had been cast in the form of a "jihad," it is the religious duty of every Muslim, his ticket to Paradise, so a Muslim can be your best friend (and be seemingly secularized) right up to the moment when he takes his religion seriously and cuts your head off. Watch the videos of people being decapitated in Iraq. What is most chilling is not the blood, but the fact that it is done so dispassionately. It is butchery. It would have been no different had the Muslim slaughtered a sheep. Probaby just as well since we seem to be acting like sheep there days-- what with the jurors fretting about Moussoui's unhappy childhood, followed by the commentators saying that our justice system rejected revenge and decided not to put Moussoui to death, while the Muslim word looks at this as a sign of societal weakness-- the unwillingness to kill for your beliefs. Of course, many sectors of the West don't believe in anything except skepticism. Better get used to terrorism. We are going to see more of it. I fear that in a generation, our children will be living and dying under Sharia.


Joe, I'm certainly friendly to that viewpoint in emotional terms but we have to look at this sort of thing through the historical prism. Yes, the Koran MAY be interpretted as you describe... and cetainly IS so by, heck, maybe a majority of Muslims but as a practical; tactical matter there is still at least a plurality (and I see evidence of a majority) of Mohammedans are at least open to the ROP formulation. Let's not attack it just yet as it may well, along with vigorous GWOT prosecution, prevent the war of Islam against All Else. On that, I think we're still better than 50/50 but let's not push the doctrinal differences TOO hard. It tend to ossify same regardless of the Brotherhood of Man objections, to which I am also, quite attached.


Don't forget the Tsunami relief effort which helped mostly Muslims. What am I thinking? that's all a part of the jizya tax that we owe the muslims because Allah has made them the superior to us infidels.
So they can go on killing us and we still have to pay them there tax.
It's time for us to wake up or it will be too late.

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