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Apr 14, 2006


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Isn't Phillips admitting here that the council takes action on items without actually understanding what they are acting on? How many things have they done where they didn't actually understand the issue that was put before them? The only reason we know about this one is because Michele took the time to explain it more thoroughly, and Phillips happened to see that explanation.


Mr. Stew, in this case though, the action taken was to hold off (the item was tabled) until more information could be obtained. To Phillip's credit, he enganged himself in learning more -- and credit Michele for keeping her cool in the face of an early dissapointment and explaining the issue so that it could be understood more clearly.


Ah, ok... that makes more sense and is much less scary.

Cara Michele

I don't know who provided the initial info for Council, but I'm trying to find out, to let them know that Council needs to more thoroughly understand the issue before this comes up again for a vote.

One of the challenges of a 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness is to get the community to understand the need for it, which means educating folks about homelessness facts, chronic homelessness, the link between disability and homelessness, the costs of homelessness, permanent supportive housing models, etc. It's complicated and you can't explain it in a paragraph or a soundbite, so I'm concerned that the public won't "stay tuned" to hear it all.

I'm already used to having to jump up and down to get people's attention on the homeless issue. But I'm passionate in my love and concern for our homeless neighbors, so I'll just keep jumping. And maybe I'll holler a little, too. Y'all feel free to join me. ;)

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