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Apr 05, 2006


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Alan Cone Bulluck

"He also might use his vast knowledge to occasionally point out flaws in the college game in general."

He's been doing just that ever since I started watching his coverage and commentary on ESPN and ABC Sports.
Some of the "flaws" Vitale has pointed out include: the possession arrow (I totally agree on a move to the true jump ball format.), kids declaring for the NBA Draft way too early (I remember he got extremely emotional, practically begging Mario Austin to wait another year before leaving MSU, which judging from where that kid is now and has been ever since he made that stupid move was absolutely the right choice.), calling out idiotic boosters and fans who criticize their coach's every move (Such as those who think that going to five NCAA tournament appearances is just not cutting it.), as well as harping on athletic directors who employ the rapid hire and fire method like team owners from the NHL and NFL.

He has his flaws and can be annoying from time to time, but so can my mother and fiance. That being said, I like the guy. He brings passion and intensity to any game he calls, unlike many in his field. I would have loved to have heard him call the Connecticut v. George Mason game two weeks ago. Listening to Lundquist (Lunquist?) and Raftery call that game, you were left with the feeling that it was just an ordinary loss, not the greatest upset in tournament history.

Instead of the hollow "By George" that Lundquist let out seconds after the win, we could have been treated to "Are you serious!!!!!???? OH BABY!!!!!! Laranaga and his babies are gonna be ridin' the gravy train all the way to Indy!!!! AWWWW BABY!!!!! AWESOME BABY WITH A CAPITAL A!!!!! THE CINDERELLA PATRIOTS BABY!!!! DELIVERY PIZZA........etc. - had Dickie V called that game.

I think he is an asset to ESPN. Aside from his love affair with the Dukies and Kenny Chesney, he does love Roy Williams and the Heels, which is fine by me.

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