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Apr 01, 2006


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Were Democratic congressmen lining up?


wow...the balls of these guys.


hey thats my hometown!


I understand why republicans don't care about people when guys like these are setting the example.


I also noticed that one of these guys is charged with "practicing medicine without malice." Is that a crime in North Carolina?

The Liberal Avenger

I believe that they call it "gelding" and they do it with a clamp that pinches the vessel that provides blood for the testicles, causing it to wither and die like a little hairy fruit on a vine.

Talk about manshake!


Well. Ummm. Hey, whatever you're into, right?

Geez, that's crazy.



Why no posts on the plagarism at the GNR?

Ed Cone

I was copied on an email from you asking if such a thing occurred, JS, and to date, that's all I've heard on the subject. If I find out news, I'll report it.

Dick Weed

Deliverence was filmed not to far from there if that tells you anything. Bend over and squeal like a pig, boy!

Purdy Mouth

Check your geography, Dick Weed. I have hit every rapid in Deliverance several times, and I do not count one within 90 minutes of Waynesville,

Dave H

There's an offence of "castration without malice"? In the name of all that's holy, why would there be such a thing??


What does rape in deliverance have to do with voluntary castration....or was that a flimsy excuse to make a joke about the south.


How do the guys who are into this get off on it?
How do they get off on it again, you can only get catrated the once!


sounds like a classic castration conundrum

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