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Apr 02, 2006


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Danny Wright

Ed, THIS is what I've been after the entire time -- something that speaks to the accountability of the CWP. In all of those earlier posts, I've never attempted to justify or exculpate the actions of the KKK, but so many of the people associated with the truth and reconciliation project have spoken very softly or not at all about the truth concerning the CWP.

It's about time.

"Communists" would never try to get people together to form unions. Unions would ameliorate conditions to the extent that revolution would not happen. Or, to quote Lenin, "The unconscious growth of the labor movement takes the form of trade unionism, and trade unionism signifies the mental enslavement of the workers to the bourgeoisie."

No, if the CWP was TRULY "communist", it was after something else entirely in 1979. It's just that things did not turn out as planned . . .

Michael Grossman

We don't typically post Ideas content to the Web, but since we have an indepth section on the shootings we've added this story there. Direct link is http://www.news-record.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060402/NEWSREC010202/60403007

Michael Grossman
Director of New Media Content
News & Record

Ed Cone

Thanks, I'll post it.

Cara Michele

John mentions "Codename: GREENKIL." This book is a must-read for anyone trying to understand November 3rd. Of all the texts I've read in reference to Nov. 3rd, Elizabeth Wheaton's book was the most thorough and balanced account.

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