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Apr 28, 2006


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Check out OrangePedia,
Jason Baker's great contribution to our community.

Jason was a Council candidate in 2005.

Here's some discussion on the genesis of the project:

Joel Gillespie


I appreciate the attention to the idea and all, yet, since it didn't get much traction before, and since we've invested money in the Back Porch project, and since that project could provide a basis for a future Wikipedia project (which I am still interested in), I wouldn't mind some attention drawn to The Back Porch project as well (http://bp.covenantfellowshipgreensboro.org/ - ready to show as backporch.org in a week or so). You yourself could add a lot to it Ed. We could even be working in the background to get a Wikipedia ready (it would take some work and require a many-year committment from somebody like me as a primary avocation here if it's going to be good). Anyway, what we ARE doing is a service to the community too, and can help provide a beginning and a foundation for a greater work down the road.


I'm going to Guilford College as a freshman this fall, and actually found this page searching for a "guilford wiki". I totally support the idea, and hope it finds its way to fruition. If not, well, I'll be happy to throw it at Wikia, maybe try it on their scratchpad or something. Or heck, maybe even PBwiki, if I'm crazy enough.

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