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Apr 28, 2006


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David Wharton

Some of us are opting for conspicuous frugality.

Jim Caserta

A scooter won't get me my 20 miles to/fro work on I-40, but this gets me about 40mpg, even driving a "little" above 65.


Conspicuous consumption is only one of the reasons SUVs have boomed. Several of the other reasons have do do with masculinity issues like these:

1."Mine is bigger than yours".

2."I need something to haul people, and occasionally cargo, but pickups are dull, and vans are mommymobiles."

3."A REAL man needs to provide protection for his family family when they're on the road, and an Abrahms A1A isn't legal for the street."


Sorry....there's no "h" in Abrams.....

David Boyd

The free market. Accomplishing more in 2006 than do-gooders could in ten years.

David Wharton

Jim, I'm with you. Of all the cars I've owned, my favorite was my '87 Toyota Tercel hatchback, which got 40 mpg on the highway, but also handled like a sports car on the curves of the Greensobo-Chapel hill road.

I sold it with 130k miles on it, and it still had the original clutch.

Jim Capo

You cannot draw a conclusion based on only one variable in the equation.

The housewife who drives 10,000 miles a year and feels "safer" in a 19 MPG SUV uses no more gas than the political activist who drives 20,000 miles a year in their 38 MPG deathtrap.

Ditto for the net energy usage of someone who drives low miles on a used 10 year old Ford Explorer versus someone who drives high miles on a newly produced Prius.

Telling people what car you think they should drive is like telling them what clothes you think they should wear.

Ed Cone

I'm just pointing out that buying the latest Marlboro Man fantasy bought by so many Americans is dumb and pernicious. And tacky. I'm all for market solutions, and marketing and image are a part of the market equation.

Your comparison is flawed, Jim. It's not really about someone in an SUV vs someone else in a gas-sipper, it's more about one person in a disgusting road hog vs. the same person in a sensible car.

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