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Apr 27, 2006


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Mark Binker

It may be too old school (not very 2.0-ish or cutting edge), but apropos of several discussions as of late (one of them here: http://blog.news-record.com/staff/jrblog/archives/2006/04/over_the_past_w.html) a fine topic could be: how to foster civility and actual discussion and discourage, well, crappy knee-jerk screeds.


Hey Ed, you should add things like this to upcoming.org. I keep missing them and they seem really fun.

Ed Cone

Mark: Screw that, ink boy.

I mean, thanks for the idea, Mark, I'll put it on the list. Even if it doesn't fit into the eventual hands-on program, it should inform everything we do.

Ross was astute about that this morning -- he said that the milblog conference was pretty political, which was fine of course, but he was into making sure a possible social networking session was welcoming to all.

So, yeah, thanks.

Nick: thanks for the suggestion. Will do.


Um.. Idea here: How to quit your day job by blogging?



Beth: We could get Jason Kottke and John Gruber to do a Point/Counterpoint!

Billy The Blogging Poet

Beth, If you'd like I could make something up. ;-)


Oooh oooh... I've got another one...

Blogging SEO


I would like to suggest at least 2 sessions on podcasting, with one being for complete and total beginners. I'm more than willing to help out with this.


Count us in -- and maybe some more people from Charleston, too.

FYI to you, Sue, and the ConvergeSouth '05 group: Your gospel is spreading.

We're finally getting something going down here -- a local blog-blog (www.postscripts.typepad.com/lowcountryblogs -- it's not up to Roch's standards, but it's a start), which has led to plans for the first Charleston blog party on the 16th... plus we're hosting an Uplifter thing here on Saturday, with Dave Slusher coming down.

Maybe you Greensboro blog people could adopt Charleston as a sister city. Then you could all take a roadtrip down here and write it off on your taxes or something...

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