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Mar 20, 2006


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Danny Wright

What a pathetic, cowardly, miserable loser.

Patrick Eakes

That may be the best laugh I get all day. What a moron.



I am sorry that person exposed you to to their ignorance.

That letter is about the strangest juxtaposition of elements I have ever read.

Ed Cone

One thing that surprises me about non-journalists who blog is how sensitive they often are to criticism, or even corrections. I guess 20 years of stuff like this thickens the skin -- I think it's the funniest thing I've read all day.


We gladly admit to being an anti-Duke Bigot. Duke is evil and must be stopped. Coach K is the Devil, those who root for Duke and worshipping the Dark Lord.


Well, one part of me finds it disturbing, but the other part of me wonders where Taheriazar got the stamps.


The quality of Duke grads seems to be improving.

Mad Dog


Funny, yes. But scary as well. What will this person be like when he gets out of the third grade?


Alan Cone Bulluck

Why do Duke fans hate Muslims?


Jeez. This guy acts as if being an anti-Duke bigot is a BAD thing.

Tony Plutonium

The ignorant wretch even misspelled "Dook".


Perhaps another writer is born.

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