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Mar 22, 2006


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"Ridiculous hyperbole, unintentionally hilarious name-calling -- they guy certainly knows whereof he speaks."

And right on target, too.

Radio Head

It's important to remember that during the Red Scare of the early '20s, the "liberal Media" aided and abetted efforts to tar all progreessives as Communists. During the days of McCarthy, Murrow'[s opposition was noteworthy because he3 was the exception to the lay-down performed by the fourth estate, including the new medium, television. The Post is part of a mass media tradition of sucking up to power in times of stress, putting aside supposed editorial support of fairness and due process because of over-riding concerns for "national security." Nothing's new under the sun, so stop expecting corporate power to do anything but abet govenment power when their financial interests aren't at risk. It's what they do! And it's why Net Media must be protected from government regulation and control.


If our pals at the Antique Media ran the country.....



So eloquent!
William F. Buckley he ain't.


My all time favorite so far is, Never trust a male cheerleader.


You need to raise your sights a bit and read some reality-based stuff. Hanging on the words of some 20-something hack like Ben Shapiro is pretty sad.

I love how you wingnut monkeys blame everyone but your own people for the dismal state of our nation. The Rethugs have long attacked the media as biased. Think back a few years- how many major media outlets actively opposed Bush's push for war in Iraq? Ding ding ding- the answer is "not very damn many." What percentage of major media outlets published all the scurrilous details of Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky, and the notorious cigar? Did you say "all of them?" You're right, by golly.

How many have called Bush a lying sack of shit for repeatedly conflating Iraq and Al Quaeda and 9-11 attacks? How many have called Bush a lying bag of barf for repeatedly saying that Saddam did not allow UN Weapons inspectors back into Iraq when we all know that he did and that Bush pulled them out before the beginning of "shock and awe."

The media is not biased toward the left- if anything, it is increasingly following a corporate agenda and that corporate agenda is often in line with what the Rethugs want.

Fred Gregorfy

Omigod a conservative blogger at the WaPo. I hear the strains of " The World Turned Upside Down" conflicting with L'Internationale. Heavens to Betsy, Downie needs to lose his job or at least be censured by Russ Feingold. Picketing and million blogger protests to follow. Harrumph, Harrumph, Harrumph !


It's not so much that he's a conservative blogger- it's more that he's not a journalist and has a record of wankery that is as long as Bush's attention span isn't. The Post already has a stable of prominent conservative writers, why did they have to add this luger-head and insult our intelligence?


"....it's more that he's not a journalist and has a record of wankery that is as long as Bush's attention span isn't."

LOL!!!! Ben Domenech Derangement Syndrome is here in full force!

Can the Whine be any colder? Can the Jealousy be any greener?



"Maybe if Domenech had worked for The New Republic — like Post reporters Dana Milbank and Charles Lane — he'd be eligible to cover the White House or the Supreme Court. But, like Post columnist George Will, Domenech worked for National Review. He's only qualified to write opinions."


David Boyd and Joe Guarino, to name just two local bloggers, would be far more credible in the position than Domenech, whose "experience" amounts to internships and whose writing demonstrates all the grasp on fact and logic of a baby on a greased anvil.

Oh, and I see he edited a Michelle Malkin book. Was it this one, perhaps?

Damn. If I'd known The Washington Post was hiring idiots to blog, I would've applied.


Bubba and Fred can delude themselves however they want, but the facts remain that (1) Mr. BD is vastly unqualified and (2) the WaPo hired a conservative blogger with no balancing liberal blogger.
nothing in those facts have anything to do with derangement or jealously or whatever Fred's point was, which I couldn't understand.

Fecund Stench

"A baby on a greased anvil." Wow.

Lex, I just had lunch with Boyd and was so entertained I picked up the check.


"....nothing in those facts have anything to do with derangement or jealously...... "

No, of course not, Kathleen. It's all in the interests of maintaining WaPo's journalistic integrity, I'm sure.

Maybe they should have hired Jayson Blair? How about Steven Glass? Or maybe Janet Cooke is available.

Ed Cone

Kathleen, feed the troll at your own risk.


Hey Bubba,
Don't you have a war in Iraq to go fight? I'm sure we would be able to just "turn the corner" over there if upstanding conservatives like you spent more time humping a ruck, LBE, and an M-4 and less time trolling liberal blogs and demonstrating your remarkable abilities to project and to hold two incompatible opinions simultaneously without experiencing cognitive dissonance.

Fred Gregory


Let's not forget about other major league plagarists: Doris Kearns Goodwin renowned Presidential historian , stephen " Wild Blue " Ambrose Mike Barnacle fired from the Boston Globe,or the two fabulists from USA Today Tom Squiteri and Jack Kelley and of course the the pair that tried to influence the outcome of the 2004 election.. Mary Mapes and Dan Rather.

One irate complainer about Domenech demanded aa ancharist blog for balance.
Indymedia , maybe ? These people are truly deranged.

And Ed you have worn out the " troll " put down. It has become a tiresome auto-response Get a new routine.

Holy underwear... and Brad Miller is a " legitimate blogger ?? Well yes since he is now a contributor over at the radical loser Daily Kos and a guest on the Soros propped up Air America. Hello. No one is listening.

Memo to Brad.. Stop using the euphemism " Progressive ". It sounds like you are trying to hide a tank in your lunch pail. Say it loud and clear.. LIBERAL AND PROUD OF IT. Now don't you feel better.


"Kathleen, feed the troll at your own risk."

LOL! That's just the kind of reply I've come to expect of you, Ed. There is apparently little hope of further improvement.

To paraphrase an old saying, there's nothing wrong with you that trying to make you see reason won't make worse.

Ed Cone

Fred, I use the term "troll" rarely, and only when it applies.

Bubba has become a troll, unfortunately.

Not feeding trolls is good policy.

He, and you, are free to keep commenting here, but you are also free to take your whiny asses elsewhere.

I would prefer that you both keep coming back, but please, please, can you raise your games just a little?


".....but you are also free to take your whiny asses elsewhere."

That comment, from someone who wrote THIS about Domenech?

"Ridiculous hyperbole, unintentionally hilarious name-calling -- they guy certainly knows whereof he speaks."

Ed, you obviously knows whereof you speak.

I love it!


I bet they think The New York Times is liberal, too.


"I bet they think The New York Times is liberal, too."

This is the type of comment Ed is obviously referring to when he tells those of us he disagrees with to "raise our game".


On second thought, Avedon, you MUST be right about the NYT.....a liberal paper would NEVER be this unprofessional.



Speaking of the myth of the "Myth of the Liberal Media".....


(via Instapundit)


Oh, it just gets better: Apparently Ben plagiarized PJ O'Rourke. Unless someone wants to argue that PJ plagiarized Ben.


Gosh, I guess he won't be a candidate to speak at the next Boy Scout fundraising event, will he Lex?


Now even Michelle Malkin is saying Ben has to go.

And I thought this couldn't get more amusing.

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