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Mar 20, 2006


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Joe Killian

Caught Pitts at the N&R this afternoon, where he talked with staffers for a little more than an hour. My favorite bit, which I wrote down:

"I don't know how you appeal to younger readers. I think younger readers, like older readers, are attracted to stories about their lives and their concerns. What doesn't work is just trying to use their language. Because trust me - by the time whatever it is gets into mainstream media, into the newspapers, to you and me, it's not what the kids are saying anymore. Fo' Shizzle."

I've heard Leonard Pitts say "Fo' Shizzle."

I win.

Paul Elledge

I like your taste in food, Ed.


I just had lunch at Saffron for the first time last week. Yummy stuff.

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