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Mar 31, 2006


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David Boyd

Do you understand now people? That is how the elites do it.

Want to link to a smoking, hot Kellie Pickler in the most amazing prom dress of all time, yet don't want to be fingered as a leering, old man?

No problem.

Simply take the linkee down a notch. Better still, take the linkee down by defending the Old North State. Everyone gets to see the picture and Ed gets a pat on the back or a kiss on the cheek from the women for defending the honor and integrity of all us backward Tar Heels.

Well played, my friend. Well played.


Good luck getting anyone, male or female, to finger you as anything, Boyd.

David Boyd

Does your mother count?


No, see, she was pointing and laughing. You're thinking of your sister.

David Boyd

I forget. Was that when you walked in looking for your Dad?

Fecund Stench

Albemarle is home to a recent NCSU running back who threw up a lot and some really good BBQ.


I wonder; who is the real Dave McGurgan?


I drove through Albermarle on our trip to Philly. When we came back we drove through it on our way to Kitty Hawk. I must say, I think I'm dumber for driving through it.

Ed Cone

If you drove through Albemarle on your Philly trip, you were lost.

The Albemarle region of NC, which you probably mean, is a little back-woodsy.

If you took 29 to Philly, you also drove through Albemarle County, Virginia...but that's home to Charlottesville and UVA, not real dumb-down territory.

Miss Pickler, though, is from the town of Albemarle, south of here, near Charlotte.

Cara Michele

It does get a little confusing geographically here in the great state of North Carolina. Like having both a county and a town named Rockingham. (The latter is roughly 100 miles south of the former.)

And towns named Eden and Edenton.

And Henderson and Hendersonville.

And as you mentioned, both a town and a region, in separate parts of the state, named Albemarle.

Perhaps it's easier to borrow a name than to think of a new one? ;)

Ed Cone

And of course, Greensboro and Greenville, not to mention Greenville SC.

And Asheboro and Asheville, neither of which is in Ashe County...

Cara Michele

And don't forget that Greenville is conveniently located next to Greene County, but not actually in it. ;)

(I bet there are more of these...)



Geography off a little? Since when is Philly part of New England?
Orginally, I was from the the northeast, and I don't recall Philly being mentioned as part of the New England weather forecast or anyother reference. But, in fairness, I might be suffering from regionalism at the cost of historical accuracy.

Ed Cone

It's a joke, Rob.

The PhillyBurbs site showed an ignorance of NC geography. I was just returning the favor.

I can actually name the six New England states, and I went to college in the Philly burbs, which remain in the mid-Atlantic region.


I guess I'll have to load up Microsoft street and trips after 24 tonight and look. I could have swore we drove through Albermarle on our way back down from Philly and DC. It must have been some other town right there on the coast. We came down the back roads out of Virgina Beach area, and headed down the 17 (that sounds right) into Kill Devil Hills & Kitty Hawk where we spent the night.

Ed Cone

Kitty Hawk is on the far side of the Albemarle Sound. You were on or near the Albemarle Sound, but nowhere near Albemarle.


Maybe that's it. I couldn't find anything that said Albemarle while I quickly looked on Street & Trips, I just remember it being about 8PM, pitch black, and seeing a sign that said Albemarle, and saying to Shannon I thought that's where Kellie from Idol was from. I think we we're in the area of Elizabeth City at the time from what I can make out. It didn't impress me much, but once we got going down closer to Kitty Hawk it was really beautiful and neat. I went to Wilmington in 99 to get my SAG card, but I've never seen much of the North Carolina coast... it really is something to see.

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