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Mar 26, 2006


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Britt Whitmire

Good piece, Ed. I thought it was a good primer for those of us who hadn't been following the story that closely over the past few years. It looks like you are begging for the ire of the Hammer, though.

Dixon Johnston

Good article but no "indicated action" or recommendation.
I believe the N&R should print the names of all Homestead Board members and all Council members who voted for Homestead and then voted against any real monitoring or audits.
The Board members should be sued as they are legally liable for the actions of the organization. The council members should resign. They are stewards of the tax dollars and city assets and they failed to fill those roles for fear of losing votes controlled by King.
The SBI report was paid for by tax dollars. It should be released in total so those who paid for it can see what they paid for. There should be no confidentiality issues; those who were responsible for any part of Homestead should not be able to hide from scrutiny.

The entire affair is a fiasco. Let's at least use it as a lesson for the future.

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