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Mar 20, 2006


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Ed Drone

Any move to do something like Mr. Barnes suggests will indeed bring to the public mind the "deck chairs on the Titanic" image, leading to even more "common wisdom" that the madministration is screwed (along with us). In fact, any reorganization at this stage, especially if it includes "top" people like Rumsfailed, Rice, or Rove, sends that message like a laser beam, right into the hearts and minds of the American voter.

Do it! Do it! Do it!


Fecund Stench

Those of us down here in steerage have seen the terrible gash in the hull, have donned our lifejackets and are hurriedly making our way upward. And yet, the violins continue to play.

Ken Houghton

Making Rove the head of the RNC might almost balance out the substantial effort the DSCC has made to support the Republican Party.

But what would Mehlman do? Appear on the cover of OUT with some Log Cabin Republicans?



I would love those senate confirmation hearings.


Why not just go full bore? Put Cheney at President, where he already resides, Rove at VP, Bolton at SecState, Bill O'Liely as the press secretary, leaving Rice and Bush to either go play doctor in a sandbox or go fishing with their Snoopy rods and orange bobbers.

Then, close the borders to Canada and watch real panic set in...

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