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Mar 12, 2006


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Sandy Carmany

Great article, Ed! You've captured the real value of the Coliseum to this community.

One slight correction -- the actual operating deficit for the 2005-06 fiscal year was $1,867,938 (page 115 of the CAFR). That other figure after that included depreciation, some capital projects, etc. So it's not quite as bad as the almost $3 million you cited.

An interesting figure to calculate (if it's possible to do so)would be "how much higher would the property tax rate be WITHOUT the coliseum and the property taxes, sales taxes, etc. revenues generated and paid by privately owned businesses (hotels, restaurants, etc.) that thrive because the coliseum exists?" Although the High Point Road corridor is experiencing its share of problems these days, I shudder to think what it would look like if this economic engine (the coliseum) was not there.

Ed Cone

Sandy, thanks for the correction. I should have noted the operating deficit rather -- my mistake.

Jim Caserta

By my calculation, Greensboro is within reasonable "driving distance" for all ACC schools except BV, FSU, and Miami (all newcomers). It's location is the most central and has a history of putting on a good tournament. They should host it at worst every other year, and possibly push for annual hosting, like MSG for the big east.

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