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Mar 28, 2006


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Billy The Blogging Poet

Ed, thank you for pointing to this, please see my comments. I think you'll understand.

Cara Michele

Hmmm... I couldn't agree less. I commented in response to Sean's post on this topic.

sean coon

sue, do you really think that "protecting" the airwaves from a *word* should be such a high priority?



What other words would you have decalred profane?

Cara Michele

Roch: I'm so not in charge of declaring words profane, and I know that I speak for the few rather than the many, but nevertheless, were I to choose which words to banish from the lexicon, I'd choose:

Any word that I'd be embarassed and ashamed for Jesus to hear coming out of my mouth.

Caveat: That rule won't work for people with no shame. ;)


Let me try again, Michelle. You agreed with the FCC declaring a word profane and prohibitting its utterance in broadcasts. What other words would you agree with the government prohibiting anybody from saying in a broadcast?

Cara Michele

Roch: The ones they already do.

The bigger issue for me is WHY people use profanity. The N&R ran a story today on the "Age of Profanity," and the full version can be found on MSNBC's site here. Apparently, Americans are swearing and using vulgar language more than ever. Why?

Jesus said that "out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks." (Matt. 12:34) People with clean hearts have clean mouths.

I am far more concerned with touching people's hearts than making rules about their mouths.

Ed Cone

"People with clean hearts have clean mouths."

Yeah, sure they do, nobody who uses language to which you might object has a "clean heart"...and of course, nobody who spouts scripture and shuns vulgarity has an "unclean heart."


Ed, you are a continuing source of inspiration,

Cara Michele

"...nobody who spouts scripture and shuns vulgarity has an 'unclean heart.'"

I guess that's aimed at me, huh? Ed, I'm not some holier-than-thou person. I'm just trying to live my faith. I'm not who I need to be, but I'm not who I used to be either, so there's progress.

Ed and Roch, have a great afternoon.
Peace, CM :)

Ed Cone

No, CM, it was not aimed at you personally, and I'm sorry if you took it that way, it's just a way of underscoring the absurdity of the "clean" language = "clean" heart equation.

There are good, honest, even religious people who swear like sailors, and there are hypocrites who don't swear but do all kinds of bad stuff.

And of course, there are foul-mouthed villains and G-rated good guys.

It's just not as simple as saying, "People with clean hearts have clean mouths."

By the way, I don't have any problem with the regulation of language on public airwaves. I don't know that I'd ban "bullshit" from a 10 PM cop drama...but it probably shouldn't be on Teletubbies.


Not to be nit-picky, but could we first define "clean heart"?


This is off-topic, so I apologize, but in looking at the "Recent Comments" section of your sidebar, it occurs to me that you should really write a post entitled "drugs" and watch the hilarity ensue.

Cara Michele

Potato Stew: Psalm 51

Ed Cone

I am not down with the idea that we are all brought forth in iniquity and conceived in sin (although Woody Allen did say that sex is only dirty when it's done right...) but I do think a little spiritual cleansing and confession are good for the soul.

I just think that you can have a clean heart, and still work blue, and you can talk the talk and still be a creep.

Now, bring on the roasted bull.

Jim Caserta

Personally, I'd rather hear the f and s bombs than all the g-damn I hear on TV. They show enough f'ing and imply enough near f'ing and show plenty of s---, I don't see how the words hurt nearly as much as what's shown. Plus, whether or not someone uses a word (I paint in profanity the way some artists paint in oils or watercolors) should have no impact on whether someone else should be able to use that word.

Cara Michele

"Now, bring on the roasted bull."

LOL. I am still smiling from that one. Thanks, Ed. :)


I guess continuing source of inspiration was too obscure.


So is "clean heart" equivalent to "saved"?

Ed Cone

Since the Psalms are from what you people call the Old Testament, and the concept of being "saved" belongs to the New, perhaps "right with God" would be a more apt definition?


Maybe... Christians generally believe that the entire Bible - including the OT - points to Jesus, so Michele could be thinking "saved", but I'll wait to hear what she says.

Cara Michele

I like "right with God."

P.S. I'm going to ignore the somewhat suspect phrase "you people" because it detracts from the warm, huggy feeling I have now that we're discussing Scripture instead of cuss words. ;)

Ed Cone

Said with a smile, meant with love and irony.


I see I didn't have to wait long. :)

So if it's not equivalent to "saved" does that mean a person who is saved might not have a clean heart? I'm not sure how that's possible, because that would be saying that a person who is saved might not be "right with God" if I go by the definition you're giving.

Cara Michele

Stew: Getting "right with God" means acknowledging what's "wrong," and that's "sin," which separates us from God. Salvation restores the eternal relationship, but saved people can still sin, and that means that unconfessed and unrepented sin can separate us from our daily walk with Christ, meaning that yes, we can be NOT "right with God," until we do what David did and appeal to God's love and mercy and acknowledge our guilt and sins to Him and ask Him for cleansing. David said "Restore to me the JOY of your salvation." Sin doesn't take away our eternal salvation, but it definitely takes away the joy of it until we've repented before God and been restored. And as one who's been there, I can tell you that the unrepentent life is not just joyless, it's agony. And there's no worldly joy I've ever experienced (and yes, I've been worldly) that could ever compare with the joy of my salvation. End of sermon. Love y'all. Much. :)


Michele, thanks for explaining ... what you're saying makes more sense now. I agree to an extent - namely, I think that use of profanity *can* be a sign of what's in a person's heart, specifically a sign of some degree of hostility in their heart. Where I differ is that I don't think profanity *must* be a sign that a person is not "right with God". For some people, it will be. If *you* started cursing like a sailor, that might indicate something wasn't right. However I have no problem believing that there are some people who can make judicious use of a word like "BS" without being "wrong with God". I see it as being to some degree like where Paul is speaking about what is permissible and not permissible. It varies from person to person, in the sense that what harms one person's relationship with God may not do the same to another person's relationship.

I think it also depends on the useage and circumstances. For instance, describing a politician's policies as "BS" is a far cry from calling someone a [insert crude word for a portion of the female anatomy here] - as Chip did in that thread on Fecund Stench's blog. The latter is a lot harder to justify. Being more "personal" it smacks of a blackness that the casual use of "BS" lacks. In my opinion.

For what it's worth, I don't think foul language has a place on network tv, at least not in the earlier hours of the day. As Ed said, I think there can be a bit more leeway later at night though.

And as far as I'm concerned, you can preach a sermon whenever you'd like. :) Though I hope that we can take "Love y'all. Much." and its variants at face value - I hope they aren't becoming the Cara Michele version of "talk to the hand!" :)

Cara Michele

"If *you* started cursing like a sailor, that might indicate something wasn't right."

LOL. Ah, yeah. ;)

And yes, "love y'all" and all its variants mean just what they say. No hand talking here. :)

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