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Feb 23, 2006


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Danny Wright

I just read the entire blog. The complexity of the problem of homelessness can be seen through Cybermancer's experience. The conveyance of the range of emotions felt by Cybermancer is powerful -- his acceptance of his family's initial circumstance and his determination to fix the problem, his frustration with finding a place to stay, his frustration with some of the local homeless agencies, his frustration with those who perpetuate a perceived stereotype of the homeless, and his gratitude for assistance from various sources. By reading the blog, you can FEEL these things.

What strikes me so far about him are three traits: he is a survivor, he is a protector of his family, and he is resourceful. To me, THAT is what makes his blog compelling (not so much the journalistic potentialities of his blog) -- here is someone who is relentless and who is willing to relate the experience of homelessness from a first-person, fighting perspective.

Anyone who takes the time to read the blog will definitely gain a clearer view of the problem of homelessness in general and specifically, Greensboro. And it should certainly erase some stereotypes, as he intends it to do.

It's also good to know about the work of the Guilford Interfaith Hospitality Network.

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