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Feb 22, 2006


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My parents wouldn't let me go because they thought I was too young. Get the shirt.

David Boyd

Why screw around with reproductions? Go to the source.

Ed Cone

Uh, because I didn't see Willie Dixon in concert at the Greensboro Coliseum the week before my 15th birthday, and there isn't a Willie Dixon shirt that says "Greensboro" on the back and has the cool Led Zep lettering and Swan Song logo on the front, and because for all their homage to and downright ripoffs of blues masters, by the time they made the records I really care about Led Zep was doing something quite different while still carrying with pride the banner of blues-based guitar rock?


I may just be simple, but are you folks dissin' John Bonham?

I don't care for their hair, but those dudes are awesome, period.

I couldn't go to the concert because I was six.

Mr. Sun

Stew's got shotgun!

David Boyd

Sun, might you feel a visitation coming on?

Mr. Sun

It was my first thought, but I'm afraid it's too cut-and-dried. Although Young Ed deconstructing "Stairway" is a pleasing thought.

David Boyd

How can I not defer to your comedic judgment, wise one? However, let us for a moment ponder Young Ed's dilemma upon being passed a doobie (that was the 1977 term for it, no?). Young Ed's reaction to topless hippie chicks in section 209. Young Ed's strident defense of rock and roll in the school newspaper against the encroachment of disco. And last, the first disillusionment of Young Ed's life as the bible, Rolling Stone, continually dismisses his favorite band. How could they be so wrong? Don't they see it?

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