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Feb 27, 2006


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Good. If they weren't the worst the band of all time they were probably the most detrimental to modern society. They started the "you don't have be talented to be in a band" movement. The less musicianship you have the cooler you are...right. That may have spurred on blacks to create an equally nonmelodic form of musical garbage: rap. The rock hall of fame lost relevance to me with that pick.

Ed Cone

Well, to each his own taste. Certainly there were no-talent (or maybe more accurately no-skill) bands prior to the Sex Pistols. A lot of great things, and great bands, came from the movement they helped ignite. Your blanket dismissal of rap I'll just disagree with politely.

As for the RnR HoF "losing relevance...." c'mon, is there anything less rock and roll than a hall of fame museum? Well, yes, to answer my own question: a black tie awards ceremony.

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