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Feb 27, 2006


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I had problems with the same question. I could have answered several ways on questions of morality, drugs and globalization. I guess that's why I scored just a bit northeast of the bull's eye.

Danny Wright

Two boxes down, one box left from the bulls-eye.

A leftist-libertarian. Or a libertarian-leftist.

Sounds scary.


I hit the bulls' eye dead on. In reality, I'm in the southeast quadrant, probably 2X2 or 3X3.


Ok, unless you say "don't do it" I'll be adding the three of you to the next version. If you'd like to give me some numeric scores, feel free, otherwise I'll just guestimate based on your descriptions.

Ed Cone

Let me take it again with serious intent before you score me, please.


No problem... I won't be working on a revision for a couple of days, so you have time.

Billy The Blogging Poet

I also thought the test was a little dated and perhaps centered around the UK, but then it is a UK site. Like you, I sometimes found the differences between the available answers to be hard choices.


I can't get through it, either. Kept wanting to say: "But, wait, what's more complicated...?"

It also seems to be less interested in core beliefs than it is in positions on hot-button issues. Plotting the issues that make people want to rant probably works if you're marketing talk radio, though.


Read the FAQ section of the site if you haven't already. They somewhat address some of the issues (but certainly not all) that you guys are mentioning.

My opinion is that it's fun, and probably good for a general idea of where you stand relative to other people. But I would certainly take results with a grain of salt. IOW, don't take it too seriously (Ed) :)

Ed Cone

I try. I do. As I said, maybe it was beaten into me in my fact-checking days...

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