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Feb 27, 2006


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A nice column, reminding me of a book everyone should read: Homefront, by Catherine Lutz, formerly of UNC, now at Brown. Published just before Sept. 11 and even more relevant after.

"Catherine Lutz points out that we all live 'in a society made by war and preparations for war,' and that, as taxpayers and citizens, 'we all inhabit an armed camp, mobilized to lend support to the permanent state of war readiness that has been with us since World War II.'"


The center doesn't give a number for the 99.99th percentile, but it's probably well over $6 million a year.

Is this W-2 income or AGI off tax return that he is talking about?
It would be interesting to see how many people actually make over $6 million listed on W-2s and what their profession is.

me blog

My guess....writer/journalist.

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