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Feb 28, 2006


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Don Moore

Unfortunately, the masses of people who listen to the radio are more comfortable listening to the same drone presented by our "local" FM radio stations. I can listen to those guys once a year and still be up on today's new music.

1590 went Spanish because the local Spanish audience demanded another Spanish station.

Can we say the same for Sports Fans? We are not motivated enough to fight for what we want.

It's why we are more interested in Brad and Angelena instead of shipping ports around the US.

The Grunkle Guru

While it is a shave they are no longer airing ESPN radio in the area, you can always listen to it online as I do at my office. and click on the ESPN radio button on the top right.

Works for me.

Patrick Eakes

Dan Patrick.


Jay Ovittore

I got Sirius. It has ESPN radio, as well as a bunch of out of market games live. Everything is uncensored, music, Howard Stern, comedy stations. There is a lot of good talk radio as well. Goodbye terrestrial radio, I will never return to your repetitive overkill and censored ways. I highly recommend satellite radio for all who enjoy music, talk and sports. My family has 2 systems for under $20 a month. We also bought a boombox for the house so we can enjoy at home too.

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