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Feb 02, 2006


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Cara Michele


When my kids were babies I used to sing the Valleydale song to them and they'd do that little baby dance knee bend thing and clap and grin! Huuuuge memories, dude. Thank you!!!!!

Billy The Blogging Poet

"All Hail, it's Valleydale!"

Dude, we were just talking about The Old Rebel Show at the last MeetUp. I was on the show for my 5th birthday (July 1, 1961). At that time it was a bigger thrill than the time I almost drowned at my uncle's place on Baden Lake. And way more fun when I got to come home and watch myself on television.

Tom Grey - Liberty Dad

"Superchicken" and "George of the Jungle" theme songs are often in my head, and I like to sing them to my kids, who especially like the buck buck buaaack.

On hot dogs, it's "what kinds of kids eat Armor hot dogs? Fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks. Tough kids, sissy kids, even kids with chicken pox, eat hot dogs. Armor hot dogs. The dogs kid love to bite." I'm pretty sure Armor, but it could have been Hormel.


Yep. Since the days that the Old Rebel Show went off the air, along with Cordelia Kelly's cooking show AND Libba Hinkle's Romper Room. (There she is with her mirror, saying "I see Ed and Terri getting wrinkles....")

Tony Ledford

I haven't thought of those commercials in years. It *did* alwasy seem strange to me at the age of eight or nine that pigs would be so looking forward to being killed and ground up.

Just missed a chance to have "archival" copies of the commercials, too; the DVD (homegrown, clearly, and probably in violation of all kinds of copyright laws) auction has ended on eBay. Oh well, if they were on eBay once, they'll be there again.


Mr. Sun

I've always thought there was a real The Night Chicago Died vibe going on with that Valleydale song. Brother, what a night the people saw, Ed.

Mac Hodges

Hey I loved the Valleydale piggies as they paraded around and sang "Hooray for Valleydale all hail its Valleydale"..duh duh duh!!! Thanks for the great memory

Rikk Mallory

I used to live in Bandera Tx , I spent many happy years there . I saw this site and it brought back a bunch of memories.
does anyone know where I could get those old tunes? like the Armor hot dog theme , Jolly green giant etc.
do you know of a CD of old commercial jingles
I would really appreciate it if anyone could let me know. I am feeling really homesick here in the Rainy UK
thanks for reading and thanks for the memories

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