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Feb 24, 2006


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Interesting point, Ed. I hate shooting someone typing on (or staring at) a computer, but soemtimes it's unavoidable. Knowing the talented Mr. Hofbauer, he turned your inert form and empty gaze into pure cinematic gold. Hey, it's what we do.

Cara Michele

"... erase and rewrite the same sentence over and over again ..."

The story of my life. ;)


Now, if you were *literally* pulling your hair out, that might make for some fascinating yet disturbing TV footage.

Eric Muller

I've seen Ed in person. At his advanced age, hair is an increasingly precious commodity. Don't look for footage of him pulling it out anytime soon.

Steve Hofbauer

Mr. Cone,
First let me Thank You for allowing us some of your time on this issue. Unfortunatly the politicians we as tax payers elect to office would not let us attend their function, the Dole camp to be specific. Howard Coble has always been gracious and I'm sure he would have apoken on this topic, however, we were told to leave the property by security. Without the government officials the story died. Sorry to have wasted your time, however, I did find our discussions quite thought provoking. You would have made a great addition to our story.
Steve Hofbauer

Ed Cone

Steve, my pleasure to meet you -- and you know that wasting a writer's time, especially on a Friday afternoon, is almost an oxymoron...

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