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Feb 28, 2006


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Fecund Stench

I have said for a long time that this effort is a monument to Conventional Wisdom and MBA-Speak. I stand by those assertions. I have heard much better ideas such as Rural Sourcing to combat Out Sourcing. The whole Open Source movement can be harnessed to populate the area with Linux boxes and free apps.

This group, however, will probably seek interest from the likes of Microsoft and Oracle. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Ed Cone

Rural sourcing and open source sound good to me...but isn't this group more about funding start-ups in areas like biotech?

Fecund Stench

I haven't visited the PTEN website lately, but they were into all kinds of things. Mostly, they were consultants who did things I could not comprehend.

As to Biotech, right now I have a customer who produces frozen trays of white blood cells used in matching organs and recipients. The business is thriving and has no connection with PTEN, nor is any required.

In my opinion, PTEN would do better to spend its time trying to lower the barriers faced by local startups, rather than hosting a beauty contest.

Ed Cone

Lowering the barriers facing startups, and providing access to startup capital - these are good things. If some or many companies can thrive without such help, all the better, that means the resources can be directed to those that need them. Don't know what "beauty contest" means in this context.

Fecund Stench

I was speaking of Business Plan Contests, which Blakley stated they were going to do away with. These things run off most of the candidates. Great ideas seldom exist in the same heads as great business acumen. Provide a service to nurture great ideas. It's so simple.

Rob Ainbinder

PTEN doesn't touch me out here in Randolph County so, I have taken to practicing rural sourcing. Cost competitive alternative to off shoring.
Sure it's on a small scale but, it's being practiced none the less.

My local small business center offers good courses in the basics but, the only business plan competition we have is for free Mall space for a year with other prizes thrown in (printing, store design, graphic design, etc.) There has been talk of a business incubator but, no legs...yet.

If we lose many more factories (and I think we will) it will be the SMBs that fuel economic growth.

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