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Feb 27, 2006


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Tony Plutonium

Delong's argument never seemed to hold water in Dean Smith's day. He won when he was expected to win and very rarely won COY. Can't see why Coach K should be viewed any differently. It would have been quite the disappointment at Dook had they dropped more than a game or two, so I don't see this year's accomplishments to be all that phenomenal.

E. Cone Levy

academics is most important.

Chip Atkinson

it pains me to admit it. Roy has done great. He deserves it.

Chip Atkinson

would Dean have let the big boy score 40?

Jon Lowder

I know we got into this over at Patrick Eakes' place but I feel I have to repeat it here. I took Delong's "special atmosphere" comment more as a reaction to the argument that everyone is making that because Williams is winning with so many freshmen he should be COY. Delong is saying that Williams is also responsible for losing those guys in the first place, and coaches need to be judged on everything (recruiting, retention, strategy of both the in-game and program-wide variety, and grades). By those measures Coach K is having a better season than Williams, and next year might be very different.

Look at it this way: if UNC runs the table next year with all those returning players, in other words meets expectations, should Williams be COY if Coach K gets his team into sole possession of second place in the ACC after losing Redick and Williams? I would argue yes because he's put his program in the position to dominate the conference and has delivered.

Another point: The Dookies are running the table with a freshman point guard and a starter that was injured for over a month. They play both ends of the court and they seem to leave it all on the floor every night. And they are doing it with a team that is not as physically gifted as the UNC squad. Yes they're more mature but look at those lineups and in five years I guarantee you there will be more Heels in the NBA than Dookies.

Hell, if I were drafting tomorrow I'd take Terry and Hansbrough over Redick and Williams in a heartbeat. Which leads me to this: I think we'll be having the same debate in about 2-3 years after this current crop of Heels leave early and the Dookies roll out their veteran lineup augmented by a couple of fairly gifted freshmen.

Ed Cone

Jon, those four players left LAST YEAR.

This is a coach of the year award for the CURRENT SEASON. Roy did the job with the players he had, that's the whole freaking point of his accomplishment.

Kids go pro these days. You win with what you've got. I think it's great when they stay. I wish more did it. I think the biggest story in that regard around here in recent years was...Tim Duncan.

K has no special magic in this regard. He lost Brand and Deng and Maggette after one year each, Dunleavey after a championship, Jay Williams (who did graduate in 3 years) after a championship. Keeping two guys who were not going to be lottery picks just doesn't seem like that big a deal to me, and certainly not a factor in COTY.

In a lot of years, meeting really high expectations would qualify you for the award. But exceeding all expectations by a damn wide margin seems a bit more of an accomplishment.

Ed Cone

BTW, who won last year? Roy, for expected excellence delivered? K, for continued excellence?

Nope. The guy who surprised everyone by doing a lot more than expected: Seth Greenberg of VA Tech.


My experience with this COY stuff is they usually try to give it to some Coach whose job is in jeopardy to keep him around, since he is easy to recruit against.
But as much as I have no respect for Coach K, I'll put that aside for a moment. He hasn't done one of the top 3 Coaching jobs in the league this season.

Put him somewhere behind:
Al Skinner (who would have thunk)

Put since we are talking about K on this wonderful blog, ED maybe you can give this link a more prominent place tomorrow, as you so desire. The writer put some great thought and research into this and I agree with all of it.


It is a letter to AMEX about the ludicrous Coach K ads.

Danny Wright

Duke is, what, 15-0 in the conference using basically 7-8 players, and Coach K has done only the 4th best job in the ACC this year?


Only Roy comes close, and they each have a good claim to it, though I prefer Coach K because I'm biased like that.

Herb? You must be kidding.

E. Cone Levy

Ross "Manimal" Perkins is the glue that holds duker together

Jon Lowder


I agree with you that it is about this year and I still think that K did a better job than Roy. Like I said I think Roy has more physical talent on his team than K, but I think between a little more maturity on Duke and the fact that Duke plays harder night in/night-out (there, I said it) they have been a better team this season.

BUT, if I'm an opposing coach I'm much more scared of UNC in the tournament. The Heels are much more talented top to bottom and now that they are showing more maturity they are the best team in the ACC and we'll probably see that on Saturday. BUT, the COY is a year-long award and I still think it has to go to K.

Last point: I think that if K won with two blind forwards, a one-legged center and two one-armed guards you guys still wouldn't give him the credit. But that's okay because I have a couple of UNC alum in my family and I understand how that Carolina-blue blood boils:)

Ed Cone

I was with you until the last graf, Jon, or at least listening. I'm just not one of those fans who thinks the other team sucks -- in fact, I don't understand that attitude -- if your team sucks, then beating them doesn't mean much.

I'm on a UNC listserve where there's a lot of talk about K's deficiencies. Some I buy (his Mr. Clean image doesn't really jibe with his language and style), some I buy in part (he doesn't develop talent for the next level), but the one I just don't get at all is "he sucks as a coach." He's the most successful coach of the last 20 years. He's a great motivator, and his level of consistency is amazing. I have no problem saying he's one of the all-time best coaches.

But with 2 senior stars and a cast of HS all-Americans, he's hardly undermanned this year.

I think Roy's earned it this season. I don't think he did last year, although it wouldn't have been ridiculous, either. I could have lived with K last season, too.

Jon Lowder

As Lex pointed out over at my blog there used to be a lot of Dean-haters out there so maybe being hated is actually a compliment.

I think one thing we can all agree on is we have some damn fine coaches doing their work on the I-40 corridor (here's to hoping that Prosser rebounds next year and holds up the western end of that equation). I'm liking the early returns out of VA too, so the next few years ought to make for some unbelievable hoops in the old ACC.

Ed Cone

Yeah, this new guy at UVA has turned things around nicely.

Prosser's woes this year, and the inability of Gary Williams to truly elevate MD to perennial powerhouse, shows just how special K and Roy are.

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