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Feb 22, 2006


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Dr. Mary Johnson

That list is long.


"The impression is left of a group who see no problem bending on ethics in search of money."

No, the impression left is that our local scouts, like their bretheran elsewhere, make good business decisions.

This is in spite of others who insist on politicizing North as a "partisan" and "divisive" figure. It looks like the N&R's reader advisory board's reponses were heavily in favor of North's appearance.

If I remember correctly, the Boy Scout Oath is comprised of three different elements.

Duty to God and country,
Duty to other people, and
Duty to self

I will ask again:

Do you not think the majority of Colonel North's deeds and actions over the course of his life fulfill those three priciples? Do you not think Oliver North can impart some valuable lessons for those in attendence?

Or is he forever tainted by an act he participated in because he felt said act was in the best interest for his country?

Ed Cone

Bubba, we've had this conversation, haven't we, to the tune of a couple of hundred comments?

I feel his role as a highly partisan commentator, as well as his law-breaking past, makes him a poor choice for a non-partisan, 501c3 organization that prides itself on teaching values to kids.

You disagree.

Got it.


Since you mentioned it with a link to another blog, you obviously thought it worthwhile to mention, Ed.

I felt it was worthwhile to reply. Again.


Oliver North may be one of the greatest "fund raisers" around. Could the counsel not come up with other names that had a very honorable history? I guess not.

As a matter of fact North was pretty good at raising funds years ago.

Who will the counsel choose next year?

Scouting deserves better.


Thanks so much for the love, of which I am entirely undeserving. Regarding the BSA and North, exemplars of excellence exist and should be used instead.

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