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Feb 25, 2006


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me blog

His was a funny guy!!!


I remember the first episode. Aunt Bee came to "look" over Andy and Opie :}

Danny Wright

As much as I loved him in "Andy Griffith", I will never forget as a kid watching him in "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" (came out before I was born, but a TV favorite) and in "Private Eyes" with Don Knotts, filmed at the Biltmore House. I remember taking the Biltmore tour with some friends after that movie came out, and we tried to find all of the trap-doors and secret buttons -- we did find one of them, a button, in a bedroom on the tour. It was cool.

General Zod

We also lost The Night Stalker,Darren McGavin. I remember when I was 10 and my mom let my stay up to watch that movie. It's still one of the best made-for- TV movies ever. And one of the scariest.

I guess most young people know Mr. McGavin as "The Old Man" in "A Christmas Story".
He still has the best line in movie history....." Fra-gee-lay.....must be Italian."

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