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Jan 29, 2006


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Tom Hodgin

It seems that the Liberal Left is loose again..Mr.Cone, you went to great detail to state pure speculation in the Wray case..yet you left out sure facts in your message...Facts that are known by many but not all..Why did you not mention the fact that Hinson,( the officer that Wray suspended), was under investigation for his dealings with "the biggest known drug dealer" in our area...plus they had trouble locating Mr.Hinson, time and time again, while he was on duty..enter the tracking devise..Yet you seem to avoid putting this information in your column...the fact Sir, that you are with the N&R, leaves many to wonder just how eager you are to see the "real" facts in this case to come to light...may I speculate for one moment? Wray was on his way to uncovering corruption in the GPD..He had a list of those that he felt were under suspicion because of information gathered by the internal affairs people..as for Mr. Hinson, many wonder how he discovered the devise in his trunk..surely it was hidden so as not to be detected..Maybe, someone told Mr. Hinson that it was there..Who new, besides Wray..? Who knows everthing that Wray is doing at the GPD?? Who does Wray have to get approval from in most all cases, of technique, in surveillance matters?? Who locked Wray out of his own office?? "How can we stop Wray?". Can't kill him..so here comes the "RACE CARD SMOKE SCREEN"..sense many of the names on his list were black; perfect timing..Remember that this all started back in '02 or earlier..a lot of time to gather names and information on what may be the largest department corruption in GPD history.. again, I am speculating here to some degree...but there are questions that need answers..just who is going to take on that job?? YOU ? the N&R ? I think Wray has the answers...don't you??

Ed Cone

Mr. Hodgin, I'm confused by your comments.

My column says we need to know more facts about what really went on at the GPD. We seem to agree on that.

I included no "speculation" in the column. I did cite the City Manager's report on the outcome of two investigations, which have been endorsed by the City Council. Again, I think we need more details made public.

Also, I do not work for the N&R, never have, nor do I discuss my columns with them before writing.

Ed Cone

I'm also confused as to how this is a "liberal left" column. Consider last week's front pager by noted non-liberal John Hammer in the Rhino Times. He says, "In this case the simplest answer is that Wray was, for whatever reason, not honest in his dealings with his boss, City Manager Mitchell Johnson."

Longer excerpt here:

Thomas Phillips

Even when all the facts are finally released, some individuals will probably believe we made them up. Mr Hodgin, "speculating here to some degree"?

Ed Cone

Ah, Tom Phillips, another liberal lefty, just like Hammer.

Cara Michele

"Liberal" is a four-letter word in our household, and I liked Ed's column, and Hammer's. The public doesn't know everything yet, but the facts that have been released don't support David Wray's version of events. Perhaps Mr. Hodgin would find Guarino to be more of a kindred spirit.

Ed Cone

Liberal is a dirty word at your house? What an interesting definition you must have of the word -- since so much of what you do and write about pegs you as a liberal...

Cara Michele

Ed, Oops! That was written jokingly and I forgot to add this: ;)

"Conservative" and "liberal" are just two opposite and extreme descriptors. Most of us (including me!) are far too complicated for a single label.

Ed Cone


Humans are not binary numbers. Attempting to categorize us so simply is itself a political statement.

David Boyd

Someone else besides Greensboro leadership who could help solve this whole mystery is Wray himself. If he believes he had good evidence to do what he did and the possibility of corruption exists in the department, he has an obligation to be forthcoming with the public. Obviously his lawyers will disagree, however if the facts are with him, the public good trumps his legal liability. Otherwise, his silence is deafening.

Tom Hodgin

The city council and Mr.Johnson are the ones that seem to be diverting this inquiry into a racial problem...I think the folks want to hear, from Wray, exactly what was uncovered by his office...is it all a lie just to cover-up a racial problem at the GPD?..I don't think so..
did Wray uncover facts that would shock Greensboro? maybe so...
will we believe the final report?...probably not..

Ed Cone

OK, thanks for clearing that up, TH. I don't think your characterizations of the Council and Manager are accurate, they clearly say this about a lot more than race, but I think you are correct that many people would like to know what else may have been going on at the GPD beyond whatever Wray allegedly did wrong.

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