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Jan 23, 2006


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Brian R.

I HIGHLY recommend Doc Searls article on this subject, Saving the Net: How to Keep the Carriers from Flushing the Net Down the Tubes. It's thorough and provides LOTS of context for the serious problem Ed & the Washington Post write about.

In short, our future for equal access to the Internet isn't looking so bright. Get ready for the biggest fight over access to a resource in this country you've ever seen. It'll make the struggles in the early 20th century for the right to telephone access look like a small town shoot out in comparison.

More detailed thoughts here on my blog post called Angry BellSouth and Anti-Public Good Chapel Hill Business.


For a full backgrounder on the net neutrality issue check out the camapign I just posted at

The threat to the freedoms of the Internet, as we have come to know them, is real. Our best defense is a public pressure campaign against Congress, the FCC and the predatory ISPs.

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