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Jan 26, 2006


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Geez, I remember trying to run down rumors in '93 about C.D. Spangler and some others supposedly planning to take JP private. Rumors like that have been out there forever.

Ed Cone

The financial analysis is pretty lame, too. I wish they'd post the stories.

David Hoggard

Kind of a puzzler, ain't it?

John is seeing the Wray affair with laser sharp eyes (but he defended Michael King), but Willie is off on a tangent.

I do love the Rhino.

David Boyd

The juxtaposition of those articles this evening made my head spin. Hammer writes the most rational piece yet that I've seen in local media about the Wray affair and then a few pages over I'm reading the mother of all Greensboro conspiracies regarding JP. New Rhino marketing strategy - something for everyone.

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