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Jan 15, 2006


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Would that humans were so happy, active, and eager to please.

No column link today? It would spark a treasure trove of anecdotal comments.

"It is astonishing to Miss Manners that so many people presume that the gentle art of manners is based on a preoccupation with money. Etiquette, it is widely believed, consists of forms of behavior requiring fortunes in silverware, evening clothing, and unwieldy vehicles. Most people feel they need etiquette only on occasions when they are spending a great deal of money - putting on a wedding, for example. Otherwise, they can apparently make do with rudeness.

The truth is that there is very little relationship between manners and money. Certainly, Miss Manners has never noticed any preponderance of politeness on the part of the rich.

Good manners are, first of all, free."

-- Miss Manners' Guide for the Turn-of-the-Millennium

Cara Michele

Such a talented puppy. I feel your pride. And the video made my kid smile. ;)

By the way, what breed of dog is Luna? She has a very cool, smiley face.

Ed Cone

Link to column coming -- the N&R didn't post it, which made my life a bit more complicated...

Luna is a Portuguese Water Dog, and she does have a nice smile.


Oh he is so-o cute!

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