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Jan 04, 2006


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David Hoggard

I couldn't agree more.

That firing and today's story about it did more for Hejazi's political future than a whole truckload of campaign yard signs. Also it makes me question our new DA's judgement.


I talked to a former federal prosecutor who is outraged. "His job is to prosecute," my friend said. "I would seriously consider whether the fired employee has an actionable item."

That means: lawsuit. Great. Just what Greensboro/Guilford County needs.

The fired employee should be rehired, apologized to and offered a latte forthwith.


On the other hand, having a declared political opponent working as your assitant creates a lot of tensions and potential conflicts.

For example, such a person would be in a position where they could undermine the office in a variety of ways, if they wished to. Also, they could enlist support among their co-workers against the boss. I know Julia Hejazi, and don't believe that she would do these things, but the office environment that would result from her remaining in her position has too much potential of creating awkward intra-office tension and side-taking.

Ed Cone

Bill, I don't disagree -- that's why the original post says, "Whether or not it makes sense to remove Hejazi from her position, Henderson did it in a ham-handed way that won't help his own campaign."

Colin Garner

"He ends up looking weak and driven more by politics than public service..."

News and Record quoted Henderson in their article published December 31st...

"If you'd have asked me even a few months ago if this was a possibility, I'd say absolutely not..." This quote along with the fact that Henderson admits that he was interviewed and picked for the job by Easley in a span of ten days proves that this move was the work of some last minute back-door maneuvering. The way these appointments were made smell of corruption and as a citizen of Greensboro the last thing I want is a corrupt D.A. and Superior Court Judge. I want a D.A. who really wants the position NOT someone who says, "While I resisted for some time...Change is not a bad thing" (one of Henderson's quotes in the 12/31/05 article in the News and Record).

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