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Dec 11, 2005


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"Blogs provide a global op-ed page and portals into news coverage and analysis."

But no original news?

Ed Cone

Sure, original news, too.

Ken Doctor

You're on track. Funny thing is that as newspapers have dallied in doing the right things -- and your list is to the point -- others are starting to step around them. Let's think about, what is it that we as journalists want:

1) an audience to read -- and use -- our work;

2) a reasonable living from doing it.

Traditional publishers aren't the only ones who can provide those two ingredients. We're starting to see new Local companies (www.backfence.com), new local city guide search company (www.yelp.com) and soon we'll see more blog aggregators ( http://www.newstexblog.com/blog/2005/11/newstex_launche.html. ) All of these blur the distinctions between traditional local publishing operations and new ones.

Either the legacy companies will work through the checklist you've provided, or continue to see their margins shrink and staffs shrink to the point that new new media rising will begin to supplant them.

All kinds of questions about what that means to readers and writers, but those are for other days soon to come.


Great piece Ed. Ment to comment here on it.

Roch... I emailed you to catch up :)

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