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Dec 17, 2005


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Brian R.

Nice video clip Ed! I was sitting on the other side of the court. Fun game. How about that booing of Santa Clara #41?! ;-)

Ed Cone

I thought the booing got a little old -- he threw the ball hard going out of bounds, a little booing was OK, but it seemed Dooklike after a while.

John Robinson

Ed, do you have any sense that this could be a violation of “any retransmission or rebroadcast of this event in any way without the expressed, written consent of the University of North Carolina, the Atlantic Coast Conference and Fox Sports Net is prohibited.” I don't know for sure, but some of us here would be surprised if your alma mater or those other institutions would look kindly on this.

Ed Cone

It's not a rebroadcast of anyone else's work, I took the video. The Smith Center allows cameras...but not video cameras... so how do they handle modern digital cameras like mine, which takes brief videos? I don't know.

My alma mater is Haverford College, a Division III school that would probably welcome any and all coverage...

Brian R.

Yes I thought the booing was getting real old. Plus dook like... tho' I couldn't say so out loud at the time. ;)

RE: "rebroadcast" - I say keep sharing the videos of the UNC games. (If ya even feel like doing it next time your at a game.) They are short clips that do nothing to give the university or the team a bad name. All it does is increase fan appreciation and discussion. aka Free Advertising, Viral Marketing

If UNC and the ACC can't understand this now they'll have some hard lessons to learn about new media in the near future. The number of these small video cameras will only increase plus younger fans will EXPECT to be able to use them. Banning them would create bad publicity, FAST.

Maybe Ed's vid will become a way UNC and ACC can learn. They should encourage fan videos and pics then give them a place to share it. Ex. tarheelblue.com. Video blogging for ACC sports. A potentially POPULAR idea I bet.

Looks like I just wrote a mini biz plan for you UNC/ACC. Just take the idea and run with it. I'll even help you do it.

John Robinson

I'm no expert -- perhaps lenslinger can clarify -- but our experience is that the schools guard images of their athletic games very closely. I don't know about the basketball tickets but football tickets expressly forbid ticket holders from bringin in video cameras. Not trying to throw a damper on your videography, but my guess is that there's a reason you don't see people in the stands with video cameras taping the games.

Ed Cone

As noted in my comment, the Smith Center forbids video cameras. That is also written on the ticket. I don't think of my little Nikon as a video camera...although obviously it takes brief videos. This is something these schools are going to have to get their arms around, soon -- and I think Brian is on the right track, although I bet it won't play out that way.


Legally, I would argue that a short multisecond clip of the game posted by a journalist (which Ed certainly is -- in both print and electronic media) would be protected as non-commercial news coverage. Ever watched the local news coverage of ACC games, football or basketball? They usually send their own video teams out to these events and then show short clips on the news. Obviously, news coverage of college sports is important to the schools and makes them money in the long run.

Now if you filmed the entire game and then posted it online, they would probably have a problem with that since it would cut into video broadcast rights with JP sports or whoever has that contract.

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