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Dec 09, 2005


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Cara Michele

I posted about this Wednesday, after seeing it on Sue's blog. It's absurd that a church would cancel Christmas on the day that they celebrate the birth of the Church's founder. I would have liked to have been in on that committee meeting. Wow.

Slice of Laodicea has thoughtful posts about the megachurch phenomenon on her blog. She even devotes a category to it. Check it out when you get a chance.

James E. Robinson, III

Our mega-Church will operate a modified services schedule - one service instead of three. Part of the deal is the practical side of operating a mega-Church. Everthing that makes it possible for 4000 folks to show up on a Sunday morning is volunteer based. We need 300 folks to operate a nursury. Getting those numbers on a Labor day weekend is tough.

It'll be standing room only at Colonial on Christmas. The 11pm Christmas Eve prayer service is normally packed too.

Cara Michele

James E 3: I don't mean this in a challenging or argumentative way, but on the "holiday" Sundays when attendance is down and you're struggling to find "workers," why not bring the babies and children in "big" church? Better to have some extra "joyful noise" than no church. Just my two cents, for what it's worth...

And PS: I wonder if they had "nursery" in New Testament times? Hmmm... Seriously.


James E. Robinson, III

During the worship/singing time, sure; but crying babies and babbling toddlers tend to undermine the discipling objective.

James E. Robinson, III

Actually, in those cases, technology does help out; large plasma screens and audio are available in the foyer area.

David Wharton

Well, if you can't get into JER III's church on Christmas Sunday, you're welcome to stop in at mine. Services at 7, 8:30, 10, 11:30, 1:30 p.m. (Spanish), and 7 p.m.

Babies and toddlers are welcome.

Sorry, no plasma screens. Just scripture, sermon, and Eucharist. Hope those won't disappoint.

Cara Michele

Christmas Sunday service times for my three faves:

Mt. Zion: 9:30 am
Lawndale: 10:00 am
Grace: 10:00 am

DW - Can non-Catholics take communion at a Catholic church? Just curious... I'd like to visit, but I don't know the "rules." ;)

Ed Cone

Lisa and I once attended a New Year's service at one of the original megachurches -- also tech free -- Notre Dame de Paris. It was jammed, just saw the top of the Cardinal's red cap as he went by. Quite a pageant.

A Catholic friend of mine was on his way to a wedding at an Episcopal church. He asked his mom if he should take communion, she told him there would be no harm; at non-Catholic churches, she said, "It's just bread."


Michele, they don't ask. And if you've never been to Our Lady of Grace, go. It's a beautiful church.

David Wharton

CM, no one will ask you about your affiliation at the service, but since receiving communion is considered an act of affirmation and participation in our church's faith (including belief the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist)...use your judgement.

You can also come forward at communion time and just cross your arms over your chest, and the eucharistic minister or priest will give you a blessing.

Ed Cone

OLG is a beautiful church, definitely worth a visit -- I find traditional church architecture much more inspiring than the auditorium style used by many megas.

Cara Michele

Ed, Roch, David:

My reply to your comments got super-long, so I decided to make a post of it (actually two), here. Thanks for the inspiration! ;)


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