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Dec 07, 2005


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John Sterling

Ed, no need to resort to reading the tea leaves to predict Delay's legal prospects. Go straight to the experts. http://www.intrade.com/ The contract that Delay will be convicted of Money Laundering has consistently traded for 20 cents on the dollar. It's no picnic for Delay, but a criminal conviction is decidedly unlikely.


DeLay is done for one simple reason. He stepped down. He got to the top by being the alpha dog, he willingly stepped down to omega dog. You think that the other dogs in the Republican pack will simply back down? He will have to fight every single one to retake supremecy. The modern Republican Party is a pack of feral junkyard dogs. The lot of mangy curs need to be put down, `metaphoricly of course.`

Ed Cone

Uh, JS -- did you bother to read the post? The money laundering thing isn't the big problem for DeLay -- it's the looming Abramoff scandal. Pay attention, please, this will be on the test.

Cy Guy

Let's not forget that there is more than one revolving door between Abramoff's staff and the corridors of GOP power (via The Left Coaster):

"Rove’s former personal assistant, Susan B. Ralston -- who was also a special assistant to President Bush -- testified in August about why Cooper’s call to Rove was not logged."
Ralston, who was once Jack Abramoff's personal secretary, has come a long way.


Add another DeLay outrage: the blatantly illegal Texas redistricting plan.


Gotta admit to a little disappointment when it dawned we weren't talking about Friedman, here. "Goodbye Toms" would have been best.


Uh, to make the previous post sensible, you should know that "Goodbye Tom" was the title from Atrios' link to Ed.


Yesh: I followed the same link for the same reason, and felt the same emotion -- disappointment.


Delay or Friedman, I'm happy to see the back of either one of them.


Um, John Sterling. The intrade contract you cite expires on Dec. 31. Sure, he's not likely to be convicted until next year. But...

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