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Dec 05, 2005


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John Sterling

Ed, It's great to see that topic in the paper of record, since the MSM is culpable in causing the disconnect between economic performance and public perception. American household wealth is now trillions of dollars greater than it was during the height of the dotcom boom. In the past year, the increase in U.S. GDP was 3 times greater than the growth in China. (In absolute terms, not percentages.) To use a technical econometric term, the U.S. economy is blowin' and goin'. If John Forbes Kerry occupied the Oval Office, the phrase "economic miracle" would grace the NYT headlines. That's not just my crackpot theory, check out this scholarly submission from our right wing propaganda boiler room.


A Christian Prophet

The Holy Spirit's message on The Christian Prophet blog seems to say infinite prosperity is possible if government gets out of the way and people start thinking positively instead of negatively.


"The Holy Spirit's message on The Christian Prophet blog.."

The Holy Spirit is blogging? Ed, shouldn't this be a headline?

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