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Dec 15, 2005


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Is that a direct quote from the man's book? I thought capitalism was born with Adam Smith?

Many historians do believe that translation of the Bible from Latin to German and English was the key that started the engine of the Enlightenment by spreading knowledge to the masses. So there is a point to the historical relevance of religion and its ability to inspire common folks to reach higher than their given station in life. But we can't forget the importance Islam played in saving the wisdom of the ancients (geometry, astronomy, medicine, etc)from the fiery pillars of the Inquisition.

At the same time we can't deny the power of a man like John Paul II whose faith inspired Polish and other communist bloc inhabitants to continue to push the Soviets for freedom.

Currently, I do find much of the former Cardinal Ratzinger's thoughts on the relevance of moral absolutes to be fascinating. As a Protestant, I still draw much inspiration from the Pope, at least the two I have known in my lifetime.

I still find myself torn though, by the inability of my mind to reconcile the Gospel of Christ and capitalism. I just accept the duality.

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