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Dec 07, 2005


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andy gould

Poor Maureen. Maybe she should go back on the road and promote her book. I can think of an instance when torture is justified. Suppose a loved one, specifically a child, has been abducted. The kidnappers have a website and are broadcasting the abominable things they are doing to said child. The powers that be are unable to track the perpetrators. However, one has been apprehended- a definite psychopath. What would you have done as a parent to locate your child because there is a timetable? This is a rhetorical question. I personally find torture reprehensible but can think of exceptions. Anyone else?


Andy, I think you're missing the larger point.

The question isn't whether any of us could imagine a situation where we would want to resort to torture. The question is, does it make sense as policy? When senior hands in the CIA break silence to go on record, you know a nerve's been hit. Is the possibility of extracting info in a certain instance worht the sacrifice of our moral authority, especially when so many experts tell us that information thus derived is unreliable? How about the increaced risk to our own, should they find themselves captives?

Think it through, man.

andy gould

Zz, I don't buy into the experts who claim "all" information derived from torture is unreliable. Most of it probably is. My threshold of pain is so low I would say anything. Again, my point is the truly psychopathic mind a la the sniper in Dirty Harry. I guess it all comes down to the ability of man to be inhumane to another man. It is a shame but sometimes I believe the end could justify the means. I hope I am never in a position to make that judgement.

Easter Lemming Liberal News Digest

Torture should be a criminal offense - period.

If an interrogator feels he needs to torture because of a time limit on sensitive material or the nature of the threat let a court decide if he was justified.

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