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Dec 19, 2004


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Had the colonists celebrate Christmas, George Washington and his troops would have been destroyed by the Hessians. Think about it.

Ian McDowell

Here's one atheist with agrees with this Jew. "Merry Christmas' is fine by me. I say it and celebrate it and have even attended Mass and other services a time or two. I'm certainly not offended by people saying it, or by Nativity scenes, not even on public or civic property. Jesus and Santa are both parts of our cultural heritage.

That said, the "War on Christmas" American jihadists give me the hives, too. While I don't think any company should force its employees to say "Happy Holidays," I also think anybody who is offended by someone else saying "Happy Holidays" of their own free will is an intolerant lout. And as points out, merchants haven't pushed "Happy Holidays" on us out of some evil secularist plot, but because it gives them a longer merchandise season and a uniform approach to it, with the "Holidays" in question extending from before Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, including Kwanzaa, Hannukah and Festivus along the way.

And why don't the O'Reilys and Buchanans decrying the "War on Christmas" get worked up about the CHRISTIAN campaign against the holiday? Our own local "Pro-Abstinence Christian Comedian" Keith Deltano, an ex-Marine whose made a career of preaching funny to school and church groups, is taking aim at Christmas in his current show, arguing that real Christians shouldn't celebrate it.

And then there are those Evangelicals who go even further than Deltano does, claiming that the holiday is pagan or even "Satanic." So why don't the "don't you dare say 'Happy Holidays' to me!" bullyboys ever complain about THAT war on Christmas?

Abner Doon

Good one.

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