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lisa scheer

I shot this and the preceding three pics last week on Patterson Street. The plant manager allowed me to roam around. The company is a former steel foundry that now produces steel tanks. Someday, when I own a tripod and a remote shutter release, I hope to get inside to photograph the tanks being made.

Patrice Elmi

Hi Lisa.;..Just came across your photo. I love it. would love to see more of your work, you seem to have a similar eye to mine. Mine gets in closer.
Did you use digital? I am refuse to convert and am sticking to my Olympus 35mm which is an extention of my hand which is an extention of my eyes.
NEXT---Problem. The name - you cant use it, I own it and its copywrited. Sorry. I pretty good at coming up with name, always have been, VUA became that after a huge list of words that i tried to connect. I would be happy to help you. Where do you live? I'm in LA?

Lisa Scheer

HiPatrice. Thanks for the comment. The name of the blog is "visual." The title of this particular photo is "urban abstract." Hope that clears up any confusion:).

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