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May 20, 2014


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I have been happy with Bluehost on which I generally install Wordpress.

However, I like your particular typepad theme and have found nothing that replicates it in WordPress aside from general appearance. I particularly like how clicking the name in the column to the right takes one to that particular commenter's comment within thread named beside the commenter. Most themes take one to a bio.

You would do well with something mobile enabled.

john hayes

nitwit, how does one find your blog?


The closet to blogging I come is an account I signed up for with yettipad discussions ... currently a lonely endeavor.

john hayes

If you don't do lonely well, I would suggest you join Greater Greensboro Politics Facebook page. Keeping up with that is getting to be like drinking water out of a fire hydrant


I'm fine with alone. And, yeah, fire hydrant.

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