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Mar 06, 2013


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How is it we could afford to piss away all these resources without accountability - oh, I forgot it was under a Republican administration? They will let the free market sort it out. Or just maybe they wanted to prove that government was incompetent but they were the government. Forget it, this is too difficult to make sense out of or explain. Seems more like the whole experience in Iraq was incompetent people in positions of authority deluding themselves and milking the public treasury.

Chris Watkins

The Bush admin. stated the reconstruction would be paid for by Iraq's oil receipts. The USA did not even get the oil, China has the contracts for the bulk of it. Where did all that money go? Halliburton maybe? No conflict of interest there?

Over 4,500 US military deaths and 30,000+ wounded in a war that helped IRAN become more powerful.

What a waste of young lives and treasure.

When will our "patriot" politicians decide to rebuild the USA?


Trying to learn the right lessons from Iraqi reconstruction is rather like learning the right lessons from a day spent playing with matches and gasoline in the neighbor's living room.


"We're sorry we blew up your country to save you. Please don't let the bags of money we are now air-dropping hit you."


How many people here believe that if Alberto Gonzales said the President has authority to kill U. S. citizens on U. S. soil who are suspected of terrorism that there would be a lot more post expressing outrage and a lot more comments expressing outrage?

Who will have the honesty to admit that I was right about BDS and the partisan motivations behind the war on terror bluster after all these years?

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