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Mar 07, 2013


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Jerry Richardson is the epitome of good old fashioned white trash. I'm glad that the Grinch's little heart finally found a vessel in which to thrive - or not.

Chris Watkins

Socialize the risk and privatize the profits. Being done every day on the backs of the public.

Bill Yaner

A lot of that price tag for the renovations, I understand, were slated for their audio/video show, to bring them up to the level of the glitiziest in the league, i.e. Dallas. I personally, however, found those TV timeout blitzes to be nothing short of an all out big screened pounding assault on my senses - totally obnoxious to those who still have ear drums - and mostly geared to trying to sell me something no less.

The thought of directing public funds to create an even larger, louder, and more intrusive blitzkrieg of high tech commercials is not one I was feeling good about. Nice to see our "free enterprise" governor agree.


My mother, who owns PSLs, is ready to have Richardson's head delivered to her on a stick -- right after, she says, we carve out his transplanted heart and give it to someone more deserving.

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