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Mar 12, 2013


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A dozen and one African American.

Worst Person on The Internet

Just like here. Only difference is these people actually do stuff. Shame on them.


"creating professional regional theater and imaging and building concepts into performances."

"friend maker"

"Community activator"


Why wasn't this civic prognosticator, potentiality guru and digital recreator invited?




Roch - it was by nomination. Self-nomination was allowed. Invitations extended from nominations.

Jon Lowder

Seeing as it's a conference I'm thinking that what's most important is the diversity of ideas. Seems to me that critcizing the lineup based on the content rather than on some preconceived ideal racial or ethnic balance would be more useful.

Ed Cone

A lovely thought, Jon, and perhaps this 92.3% white roster is the perfect group to muse in public about the future of our diverse city, and the lack of diversity will not translate into a sameness of ideas, and seeing diversity on stage is not really so important, and fears that GSO's well-meaning insiders have gifted us with another bien pensant circle jerk will prove unfounded.


"Just like here." You have to admit that's funny.

Worst Person on The Internet

Ed, as Greensboro's first, hippest and blackest blogger and self-ordained community conscience, you should require that the blogosphere --hell not just the blogosphere but each INDIVIDUAL blogger (or any voluntary assembly of people with no official power for that matter) be no more than 49% white, or you will no longer support their right to assemble here to talk. I don't want a bunch of nondiverse white people self-nominating their way into your blogosphere where they can then talk about what's best for everybody. What a circle jerk that would be.


Is Ed black like Bill Clinton?


Too bad for all of you who weren't cool enough to get nominated. The desire for acclaim must be awful.

And now we have a physician who just happens to be a Tea Party conservative, global warming and evolution denier, defending TEDx. What an endorsement.


I was kidding! I wish them the best -- I might even go to one or two.

Worst Person on The Internet

Sometimes there is too much dysfunction in a thread for any one person to keep straight. I'd never even heard of them till this morning.
But let me guess: Since I am being lumped in with them,they must be racists, misogynists, booger eaters, social retards, short bussers, Hippocratic Oath rejecters, Holocaust deniers, father rapers, mother stabbers, Mugs, pugs, thugs.,etc. etc etc. pull string>repeat.

Ed Cone

Diversity is easy to talk about, but it can be hard to achieve. I don't doubt the good intentions of the committee, and have been told by an insider that this was a big issue for them -- just avoiding too many white men was a problem for this group.

That said, the results speak for themselves. And we've seen this movie before -- it's not always about (or only about) racial or ethnic diversity, sometimes it's economic (hello, DGI!) or social/cultural (e.g., Action Greensboro's failed creative culture focus in a town full of grassroots creative culture).


Can you repeat that sir?


Roch, you have no hair which would have added some diversity. Lots of pretty hair in that crowd.


Yes! Where's the follicle dreamer?

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