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Mar 02, 2013


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Please tell news and record to have a local business section that is not just press releases. Also warren needs to know that the gravy train of taxpayers monies in regards to public notices is close to going awY.


So Berkshire now own both the Greensboro News-Record and the Winston Salem Journal?


Looks like the gravy train of public taxpayers money could be coming to end. Let's see if Ed will post about Dr. Wades bill introduced yesterday. Let's also see the silence from news and record on this issue.

Ed Cone

What do you think I should add to it, TW?

I grasp the spending argument and the political logic, but I haven't dug into the value proposition of continuing the public notices. Are you confident the public will be well served in this regard if the rules change?


It is called the computer age and these laws were made before the Internet even came into existence and on top of it taxpayers monies can be saved in the process. The use of a one day notice in a paid paper is absurd when you can have these notices 24-7 online for all to see.

Ed Cone

Who is the intended audience for these notices? How much computer access does this audience have? What are the consequences of not seeing a relevant notice? And what other efforts are underway to replace print?

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