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Mar 11, 2013


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TBill Yaner

Leon Panetta's vein popping Oscar performances notwithstanding, the Defense Department is well structured and organized to implement these cuts in ways we'd never notice. Hence the need for sending the aircraft carrier home and reducing pay increases as their way to show "pain".


Not sure if this is sequester-related, but a good female friend of mine is currently serving in Afghanistan. Her group is in Week 2 of no toilet paper. I suppose things could be worse, but it's not like she's dug down in the trenches or on the front lines as she has internet and phone access. I wiped my hind end with snowballs when I was on NOLS in the Yukon back in 2000, but I wasn't exactly serving my country. Perhaps Cold War-era machines trump basic hygiene?

TBill Yaner

One would have to call your friend decidedly candid, Prell.


An admission that "starve the beast" works?


"One would have to call your friend decidedly candid, Prell."

She didn't go into specifics and I most certainly didn't ask, but they're dealing/coping with the circumstances.

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