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Mar 08, 2013


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It has been fun to watch a young team grow. Be thankful in ACC land, we get G-man and Brando. Did note one comment that you need to measure all the dook praise when he's calling a game that dook is not playing.


Not as big a fan of this team as I was with the '05/'06 team. That was the year that I threw my cigar store Indian through the window of my apartment during the first Dook - UNC game in Chapel Hill. But yeah, I enjoy seasons of mid to low expectations a lot more than those of great expectations.

I'm not gonna say anything about Dookie V. I've defended him a lot on here and other spaces of the interwebz, but I can no longer muster the strength as I too recognize that he's always been in the tank for Dook. I will say, however, that I have a very serious crush on Doris Burke.

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